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Project Kanonenfieber

Kanonenfieber live

at the Dark Easter Metal Meeting
The regiment live and in colour.

It is 9 April 2023, 4:20 p.m. sharp. A soundscape of artillery, gun salvos and death cries brings the halls of the Backstage-Werk in Munich to life. The visitors in the packed hall look eagerly at the first world war scenery that has been erected on stage shortly before. The hooded musicians climb onto the stage and bring the audience at the Dark Easter Metal Meeting to the boil for the second year in a row.

50 minutes of brutal death metal paired with melodic black metal rain down on the audience like a drumfire.
At 5:10 pm the spectacle has come to an end, leaving an oppressive, queasy feeling in the stomach. This was probably one of the most impressive shows Kanonenfieber have ever played.

As luck would have it, this very show was captured by Iridium Stream. Mixed at Noisebringer and reworked by Iridium Stream we present:

„Kanonenfieber live at Dark Easter Metal Meeting“

The live set will be streamed today for the premiere at 18:30 on the Black Metal Promotion YouTube Channel. Available on a Blu-Ray version limited to 200 copies and signed by all musicians, as well as on CD.

Pictures from the event
written by

Die Blu-ray
Limited Edition
Blu-Ray Disc Kanonenfieber
Live at "Dark Easter Metal Meeting"

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