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A Black Metal Project.


Band-Project: Leipa

Leipa is the third and newest project of Noise and was created in May 2021. With a mixture of depressive and atmospheric black metal, Leipa serves exclusively for catharsis.

The lyrics are about despair, self-hatred, fears and the endless search for more.

"When writing this, I was in the middle of job hunting and a better, or more empathetic soundtrack could not have fallen into my lap at a better time. This album which is filled with self criticism, uncertainty and doubt is described by the artist as “a result of doubt and self-loathing” is the perfect accompaniment."


Noise | All instruments and arrangements
Live-Drums by Noderra

More musicians at live events


February 2021


Noisebringer Records

  • Release 25.06.2021

    Debut album with 8 tracks
    More info

  • Release 04.11.2022
    Single - 01.09.2015

    Single release from the upcoming album "Reue"
    More info

  • Release 30.12.2022
    Single - Reue

    Single release from the upcoming album "Reue"
    More info

  • Release 13.01.2023

    Zweites Album with 7 Tracks
    More info

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