Band-Project: Kanonenfieber

Behind Kanonenfieber is a young musician from Bamberg who calls himself "Noise" and deliberately keeps the project anonymous. He lives from a regular 40-hour job, but his passion is music. He dedicates most of his free time to this. In recent years he has built up a small home studio. The album "Menschenmühle" was also created there.

The idea for Kanonenfieber came from a discussion with a friend about aspects of the metal scene and how historical themes are implemented. Specifically, it was about the topic of the First World War. As a conclusion, the concept for "Menschenmühle" was created without glorification of the war, without a gore aspect, historically exact and verifiable with facts.

Helpful: The friend is an amateur historian with a large collection of letters and original documents from the First World War. And it was precisely these reports and letters that served as the basis for the texts.

Band facts

Noise | All instruments and arrangements
Live-Drums by Noderra

More musicians at live events


February 2021


Noisebringer Records

  • Release 20.02.2021

    Debut album with 9 tracks.
    More info

  • Release 23.01.2022
    The Yankee Division March

    Single release from the upcoming EP "Yankee Division March".
    More Info

  • Release 23.03.2022
    Yankee Disvision March

    EP with 2 tracks.
    More info.

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