Press review Leiþa

Here you will find a collection of the most important press reviews on the release of "SISYPHUS".

Metal Temple, UK

30.08.2021 | Author: Dave "That Metal Guy"

Quote from the article:
"On the album, I can hear the doubt and self-loathing and a reminder of a worthless existence. But more than that, I can hear anger and rage when it comes to that stark realization…not passive acceptance."

Metal Storm, Estonis

06.08.2021 | Author: RaduP

Quote from the article:
"Though I feel that without taking the cover art and the lyrics into account it's pretty hard to get the same emotional weight through the music alone (as in: the album doesn't really sound like suffering) and to separate it sound-wise from its companion project, the music on display is absolutely fantastic black metal within its own niche."


30.06.2021 | Author: Por Daniel Bitencourt

Quote from the article:
"Musically, the album offers Black Metal / Post-Black Melodic of first greatness, with drums recorded by the studio musician “Noderra” and the other instruments and vocais of the own “Noise”. Thus languages of Germanic origin favor extreme metal, in terms of rigidity of two vocais.", Spain

29.06.2021 | Author: Juan Hellbiter

Quote from the article:
"Leiþa is a work that meets the expectations of any fan of the genre, debuting in a great way, without a doubt an album to be highly recommended, without a doubt one of the best albums I've heard this year."


27.06.2021 | Author: Joris Meeuwissen

Quote from the article:
"Very nice debut! Purchase required, don't hesitate. If you don't buy this disc, you'll regret it. After all, every time you get to the top of the hill, you roll down smoothly again."

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